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Frederick William Fine Interiors & Furniture

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Frederick William Fine Interiors and Furniture

Frederick William Fine Interiors and Furniture was founded over three decades ago. With a staff of highly skilled craftsmen we have risen to the challenge and assisted many designers, architects and homeowners in achieving their goal of creating unique interiors and furniture. We have kept pace with technology and have a state of the art manufacturing facility, including our own sawmill and dry kiln.

At Frederick William we specialize in complete custom rooms including libraries, home offices, kitchens, bathrooms and bedroom suites. Our artisans and craftsmen create a wide range of interior wood products, ranging from antique reproductions to original furniture pieces.

Wood selection is a critical part of every project, and at Frederick William we use only premium hardwoods and veneers. Some of the most desirable hardwoods are found here in the Northeast. At our facility we are able to selectively harvest from our own sustainable stands of domestic species, such as cherry, hard maple, walnut and ash. We then process these trees into lumber at our sawmill and condition the lumber in our dry kiln facility to premium standards – ready for use in future projects. When exotic woods and veneers are called for, we obtain them from local premium quality suppliers.

All work is done in-house from wood selection to custom finishes. Our master craftsmen are skilled in traditional joinery techniques such as mortise-and-tenon and hand cut dovetailing. We also offer custom hand carving and inlay veneers, which add a unique touch to a fine furniture piece.

In our full height wall panel construction each panel is painstakingly glued in one full height length then carefully cut, numbered and labeled to ensure the continuous grain flow down through both panels.

We pre-finish our panels before assembly to avoid visible finish lines when the wood naturally expands and contracts with seasonal changes. We apply professionally sprayed hand rubbed finishes and provide samples for approval.

At Frederick William we work closely with our clients and believe that by taking extra time and effort to attend to every detail during production, we achieve our goal of delivering work of the finest quality, within budget and in a timely fashion.

Through our many years in the woodworking field we have also found it important to align ourselves with some of the finest craftsmen in complimentary fields. By doing so we are also able to offer custom leaded beveled and stained glass, hand wrought iron work, magnificent tooled and embossed leather and cast concrete.

Frederick William has years of experience collaborating with architects, interior designers and decorators to develop their design inspirations into beautiful and functional interior spaces. Our extensive knowledge of materials, products, as well as traditional and modern construction techniques makes us a valuable addition to your design team. Let us become your single source for turnkey custom interiors and furniture.

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